Living space is the place where we spend most of the time, creating moments to remember and our safe haven. Various studies have shown that elements of interior design have the ability to provoke a positive or negative emotional response in people. That is why the living space should be arranged in such a way that it awakens positive emotions in us, encourages our creativity and makes us happy.

Below you will find a few ideas that will influence the increase of the good mood in your space.

Organization in the first place

Nothing tires as much as when the space is crowded and messy. This primarily refers to the hallway, the first room you enter. If you have chosen a functional wardrobe, the space will be welcoming, and it will be easier to keep it tidy.

Let the wardrobes in the bedroom have enough space and shelves so that you can accommodate all the clothes.


The choice of colors for your home is crucial for the feeling of comfort and coziness. It is not the same what color you will choose for the walls because it will affect your mood. A part of the wall can be painted in a stronger color for a certain effect, but not the whole room. On the other hand, the furniture of stronger colors, in a neutrally painted room, will contribute to the atmosphere of the whole room.

Pastel or softer shades of blue and green are recommended for bedrooms. White wall color is always a good solution and it will not be boring if you choose adequate furniture and details.


The way the room is lit is important for the whole ambience. The best lighting is of course natural. If you do not have enough light in your apartment, use the lamps that will contribute to the atmosphere you want to achieve in the chosen room. Make yourself a reading corner with a comfortable armchair, coffee table and floor lamp.

Plants improve mood

Many psychological studies indicate that the proximity of plants improves mood, concentration and even memory, because their presence reduces stress. Depending on your personal taste, flowers of different colors or green plants can improve your mood or make you calm, but it is very important to put them somewhere where you will see them all the time, for example in the kitchen or living room.

If you want to feel good in your home, you need to pay a little attention to it. Choose the color palette that you like for each room, then choose the style that will prevail, and after that choose quality and functional pieces of furniture that will suit your space and its purpose.

Although each space imposes certain limits on us, it does not take much to create “beauty” in our home and around us. Imagine your happiness.