Bedrooms - sets

Bedroom sets from our product range include beds of different sizes, several types of wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables and mirrors. They are practical because you do not have to worry about matching the elements, as they fit perfectly in style. It is up to you to choose the model you like based on the color and design, as well as the elements you want in your bedroom.

The Keln bedroom is a model of reduced design and exceptional functionality. The elements are made in the combination of cherry and beige patterns. When choosing a wardrobe, choose between a five-wing wardrobe or two-wing and three-wing wardrobes with classic and sliding doors. A mattress measuring 200 x 160 cm, which is purchased separately, corresponds to a modernly designed bed with a headboard. A dresser, bedside table and mirror harmoniously complement the entire program.

The Remo bedroom in white color is the synonym for perfect elegance. The complete composition consists of double-wing and five-wing wardrobe with classic doors, two-dimensional bed with the mattresses in the dimensions of 200 x 160 cm or 200 x 180 cm, which are purchased separately, dressers with three and six drawers and bedside tables. While the wardrobes are characterized by a strict geometric shape with a practical interior layout of shelves and wardrobe rails, the other elements have rounded edges that contribute to a harmonious and delicate look.

The Nica bedroom will bring a breath of modernism into your intimate corner. It was created in the combination of dark sonoma oak design and high-gloss cappuccino. A comfortable bed with upholstered leather headboard is complemented with a mattress measuring 200 x 180 cm, which is purchased separately. A wardrobe is available in three variants, three-wing with classic and sliding doors and five-wing with classic doors. A dresser and bedside tables are also a part of the program.

With all these programs, you have the possibility of purchasing individual elements by creating your bedroom according to the space you have available.