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1963. - 1980.

The furniture factory “Sima Pogačarević”, from which today SIMPO was developed, was founded in 1963 in Vranje. In the period 1963 – 1980. production capacities are expanding with the establishment of the Factory of Upholstery products, the Carpet Factory and the Factory for the production of the upholstery materials and other decorative fabrics for the furniture and interior furnishing industry. The first mattress was produced in this period, which marked the emergence of the brand SIMPOSAN, one of the most famous mattress brands in the former Yugoslavia market. This period was marked by the emergence of the famous „Viktorija“ style set, a timeless model that is still produced, and which, with its beauty and sophistication of production, fascinates customers.

1980. - 1990.

The expansion of SIMPO production capacities continues with the merging of the Furniture Factory, the Frameworks Factory, the Mattress Factory and the Kids Furniture Factory. In this period, the first “Mojca” was produced, and for decades it was the most popular furniture in the former Yugoslavia, which is still one of the favorite models of customers today.

1990. - 2014.

Besides the Fabric of laminated furniture, which arises in this period, SIMPO is expanding its activity by takeover the Sheep Farm on Vlasina, and by companies SIMBI and SIMPO flowers. The period after 2000 was marked by the beginning of operation of the company SIMPO wood in Ćićevac, which produces timber and wood elements, Confectionery Factory Kondiva and SIMPO ŠIK, which deals with the production of hardboard, plywood, parquet and cut material. SIMPO LINE, a company specializing in equipping all kinds of interiors – hotels, business and residential buildings, restaurants, office space, health facilities and school facilities, was founded.


Every organization has its ups and downs, and SIMPO has experienced its big drop in 2014. The right force is to gather all available resources in the most difficult moments, make a turning point, and move on. The Government of the Republic of Serbia provided the key assistance to make the historic milestone of SIMPO. A Program of Financial and Economic Consolidation was made and adopted.


Today, SIMPO is the furniture manufacturer with the longest tradition and one of the most favorite furniture in Serbia. Every day our skilled masters, architects, designers, engineers, vendors, installers, etc. are working hard to make the best furniture available to customers, to homes where the most beautiful family memories are created and business spaces where permanent success is achieved.
We are one big family that creates furniture that has a soul and makes special homes and business premises all over Serbia and Europe. By purchasing SIMPO furniture, you do not only get a piece of furniture with an ideal balance of quality, design, functionality, and innovation but bring in your interior a special spirit and energy.
The satisfaction of our customers is our biggest reward because they also form part of our big family. We are proud that our family is growing every day.
We create furniture that has a soul, and together with you, we create great and special stories