Component sets

For modern living room decoration, choose component sets (three-seater + two-seater + armchair) from our offer, which consist of a three-seater, two-seater and armchair. Through the balancing and harmonious whole of identical pieces of furniture, your home will be filled with warmth and comfort that all members of your family will enjoy endlessly.

Traditional or modern, elegant or stylish, our models are carefully created and will fit perfectly into your interior. The space you have will be the starting point for choosing the dimensions for your desired model, so you will complete the interior in the right way with complete compositions or a combination of elements that suit you best.

The pleasing visual appearance of our component sets (three-seater + two-seater + armchair) is accompanied by the high functionality of the model. Some three-seaters and two-seaters, but armchairs as well, are made with a mechanism that allows them to be stretched into a bed. In this way you can use them for daily rest and comfortable sleep at the same time. Polyurethane foam mattress is installed on the model with a mechanism.

We flexibly adapt to your needs and follow your refined taste when it comes to choosing colors and materials. You can choose fabric or leather from our current range of materials for your set. We may only give you a recommendation as to which material fits better with a particular model. Together we will reach the goal, the perfect three-seater, two-seater and armchair for you.