Home is your oasis of peace and your refuge so slow down and fall in love with your home. Life is in the details. What inspires you is important. Stylize your home in the way you want to feel in it, and not based on current trends.

Home decoration does not always have to be expensive. You can do a lot yourself or use something you already have. Let your creativity come to the fore.

Inspiration is everywhere around us.

In the nature that surrounds us, in the shapes, in the colors that the seasons bring, in the people around us… Look around you and find your inspiration.

Take the fallen leaves and place them on a large round tray. Put branches that have already fallen from the trees in glass vases or jars and do it completely disproportionate to the height and size of the vase. The smaller the vase, the longer the branch.

If you have a lot of empty vacant space on the walls, you do not have to put only paintings and works of art on them. An excellent solution are also the frames of different dimensions, styles and colors. Do not be afraid to match the incompatible. This incongruence may seem chaotic to someone; however, it is primary that every little thing or object has a charm that you enjoy because only then is everything in its place.

Do not cover the table with tablecloths. Let the beauty of the material from which it is made, and its textures be expressed. Use your imagination and place the coasters of different shapes and colors. The glasses should also be of different colors and sizes. If you still prefer harmony, simplicity, and minimalism, that is fine too. But dare to try something different sometimes, maybe you surprise yourself and you like it.

Be inspired by the colors, textures, materials, cultures of other countries and photographs. Modern, eclectic, or archaic – everything is allowed if you like it. Enjoy decorating your home!