Furniture made of melamine faced chipboard, MDF and solid wood, as the most commonly used materials for making panel furniture, brings warmth to any space, making it elegant, modern and beautiful. You will enjoy for a long time a pleasant ambience that can create wood in the interior if you use and maintain your furniture in the right way. That way, it will retain all the characteristics that make it so special – beauty, shine and functionality.

Proper use prolongs the life of furniture

Whether it is dining tables, dressers, showcases, beds, cabinets or something else, each of the users should be familiar with the right way to use it, so that the furniture looks like new for a long time, and preserves its beauty and functionality.

Follow the instructions for use of the product

Carefully read the instructions for use of the product included in the product package and follow the instructions given in it. All products should be used according to their purpose. Avoid standing on them, especially rocking chairs.

Opening and closing the elements in the right way

Cabinet doors, drawers and other pull-out elements, with or without handles, must be used very carefully to avoid damage during use. Do not open the furniture door more than the diameter provided for normal opening. The same rule applies to drawers, which should always be opened one by one.

Avoid holding on to doors or drawers to avoid damaging them. Be careful not to hit them, especially glass or mirror surfaces.

Avoid overloading your furniture with heavy objects

Your furniture will retain its quality for many years only if you take into account the weight of the things you place or arrange on it. Avoid overloading table tops, partitions, shelves, wardrobe rods and other heavy items. Load them with a maximum of 15 kilograms per meter, taking care to distribute the weight evenly.

Furniture should not be pulled, but moved by lifting

When bringing furniture into your home, rearranging, cleaning or any other movement, the furniture should not be dragged on the floor, but moved by lifting and then placed in the desired place by gently lowering. Any rough handling of the furniture can damage it.

Proper maintenance of panel furniture

By following a few simple tips, you will keep your furniture in excellent condition and you will be a proud owner for many years to come.

Furniture maintenance tips

  • Rough objects must not be dragged on the furniture, as it can scratch and permanently damage it.
  • Every impact with hard or sharp objects also causes damage that you cannot repair.
  • It is necessary to avoid disposing of hot objects with a temperature above 30 ° C (hot irons, pots, cups, etc.). Since wood does not tolerate heat, the easiest way to protect it is to use a mat.
  • Do not leave lighted candles in candlesticks, cigarettes in ashtrays, switched on lamps and other things on the furniture.

Protect your furniture from too much light and heat

Products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or direct heat sources. Wooden furniture that stands for a long time in strong light can change its color. So try to protect your furniture whenever possible.

Proper cleaning of panel furniture

Cleaning is one of the best ways to take care of your furniture. Accumulated dust, stains or other dirt will negatively affect the quality of your furniture, which can lose its beauty, quality and shine without adequate maintenance.

Regular cleaning is important

For regular cleaning of lacquered surfaces, it is recommended to use a clean and soft, cotton or microfiber semi-damp cloth. After that, it is necessary to wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Follow the recommended cleaning methods and avoid strong cleaning agents as they may damage the finish.

Matte surfaces should not be pressed a lot and rubbed with a cloth for a long time, because a shiny surface will appear in those places.

Protect your furniture from stains and stains

Care should be taken not to spill the liquid on the furniture and not to keep water and other liquids such as alcohol, coffee, juice, wine, etc. for a long time, because otherwise the stain will remain.

Water very often leaves stains on the wood, which are difficult to remove later. Avoid dropping a wet glass or vase of flowers directly on the surface of the coffee table, dining table, dresser and other furniture. Use coasters, because they will simply and effectively protect your furniture and can also be an extremely beautiful decoration.