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If you decide to decorate your home or some other interior with fabric furniture, this material will provide you with long-lasting comfort and warmth, as well as a beautiful and modern look that will enrich the space.

Selected pieces of upholstery furniture – corner sofas, component (TDF) sofas, three seater, two-seater and armchairs, stools, click-clack beds, sofas, dining chairs or upholstered beds, require regular cleaning and proper maintenance that are important for long-term and quality use of these products.

Proper cleaning of furniture from fabrics

Cleaning upholstered pieces of furniture is not really a required job if it is done regularly and if appropriate means are used. It is our recommendation that you follow the advice we give you and you will be satisfied with the users of our products.

Regular cleaning of furniture from the fabric with a dry cloth

All furniture covered with fabric upholstery can be cleaned without great difficulty. To remove dust, it is enough to use a clean, soft and dry cotton cloth to wipe the furniture.

Cleaning the furniture from the fabric with a vacuum cleaner

To clean the furniture from the fabric, it is also allowed to use a vacuum cleaner with lower suction power, with a suitable brush for cleaning the furniture, in order not to damage the fabric. Removal of dust and various other impurities with a vacuum cleaner prevents the dust from getting deep into the stitches and folds. It is especially important to pay attention to inaccessible parts where crumbs, leftover food and other dirt get into.

Cleaning stains, stains and dirt

Everyday use of fabric made of fabric will inevitably lead to various types of dirt. To remove stains, stains and dirt, use only white soft cotton cloth, slightly moistened with 2% water solution (up to 30 ° C) with Ph neutral cleaner. More concentrated agents can cause damage. It is necessary to wipe the soiled place with a cloth with gentle movements, on a surface larger than the soiled one, and leave it to dry naturally.

Washing upholstery is not recommended.

Wood cleaning on upholstered furniture

Cleaning of visible lacquered wooden surfaces on upholstered furniture should be done with a soft cotton or microfiber semi-damp cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Various chemicals should not be used to clean painted surfaces without the written confirmation of the manufacturer.

Matte surfaces should not be pressed a lot and rubbed with a cloth for a long time, because a shiny surface will appear in those places.

Proper maintenance of fabric furniture

A series of practical tips that we have prepared for you will be of great importance for the proper maintenance of upholstered furniture.

Keep upholstery furniture from uneven sagging

The place on the upholstered furniture where you sit the most will first show traces of frequent use. Even with sets with the highest quality fillings, over the years, due to the constant pressure of the body, there is no change in the shape of the seat and back. In order to avoid uneven bending, it is necessary to pay attention that all seats are used equally.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources

For proper use and maintenance of fabric furniture, it is necessary to avoid exposing fabric furniture to direct sunlight, because it can fade over time. Fabric furniture should be positioned as far away from heat sources as possible, which can impair the quality of the fabric.