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Why to choose SIMPO set?

SIMPO is a brand with the longest tradition in furniture production, which selects the best materials to create high-quality furniture, top design and comfort.

Combining the best raw materials in the production of upholstery products, from natural like solid beech wood used to make a wooden frame, through different types of foam, mechanisms, to carefully selected fabrics and leathers, with the experience of our production workers, recognizable SIMPO products are created.

If you are wondering why SIMPO should be your choice, let us introduce you to the way we do it and why our sets are special and different from others.

When choosing a set, it is necessary to pay attention to several factors that determine its quality. These are the construction, the composition of the core, the mechanisms, the material used for coating and the quality of workmanship.


The body of the SIMPO set is made of solid beech wood with the addition of chipboard, hardboard and plywood. The combination of these materials provides solid support and guarantees the durability of the products. The complete process of processing beech logs takes place in our sawmill with a dryer, in strictly controlled conditions, where after drying and cutting, the material is ready for further processing according to the requirements of the model in which it is installed. 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm thick materials are used for the construction of upholstery products, depending on the model. In addition to solid beech, raw and melamine chipboard from 10 mm to 18 mm thick is used in the construction of wooden construction, which due to its exceptional characteristics is used for frame elements where greater resistance to wear, breakage, heat and light is required.

For the most exploited elements such as headrests, nut carriers and mechanisms, as well as in other places where the use of other materials is inadequate, 10 mm and 18 mm thick chipboard panels are used, because they are characterized by exceptional strength, water resistance, high load capacity, stability and resistance to wear. Raw hardboard 3.2 mm thick has also been used in the construction, which is most often used for lining the back, while as a one-sided refinement it is used mainly for making some additional elements such as floors on bed linen boxes.

All materials installed in the construction have quality certificates and meet ISO quality standards. Adhesives do not pollute the environment and do not affect human health.


The comfort and longevity of the product largely depends on the sponge or polyurethane foam that is installed in our products. In our production, standard, highly elastic (HR) and soft or soft MS foams are used.

Standard PU foams are used for coating the body parts of upholstery products. Highly elastic HR foam is in the seat cushions, where with high load resistance, excellent elasticity and durability, it affects the constant comfort and equal softness on all parts of the seat.

Soft MS foam is used in the backrest. Quality filling of our products ensures that the original appearance is maintained even after a long time of use and maximum comfort.

Seats, backrests, armrests and headrests are additionally wrapped with a layer of so-called synthetic wadding (conflina), which achieves an additional feeling of softness and comfort.


For the part of the range that concerns the sofa bed model, the best mechanisms from Italy are used, which achieves an equally good effect for comfortable sitting as well as sleeping. The Italian sofa bed mechanism enables easy and noiseless opening, easy unfolding, while all cushions are folded inside the construction. It supports the backrests and allows the conversion into a bearing to be done in one go, without the need to store the seat part and take up extra space. All sets with a sofa bed mechanism have a mattress made of a highly elastic sponge 12 cm thick.

In order to facilitate the manipulation and transport of products, with component sets (three-seater, two-seater, armchair) with sofa bed mechanism and some corner, sofa bed mechanism with bayonets is used, which allows separating the sides from the body of the set, delivery in disassembly and beyond easy assembly.

Certain models are equipped with mechanisms with lift shears, which are also a practical system for stretching the set into a sleeping bed. The system consists in pulling out the lift mechanism, which is located under the seat, as a drawer, and then with the help of the mechanism itself, it is raised to the level of sitting, which ensures sleeping at the height of sitting.

In addition to these mechanisms, innovative mechanisms are used in the production of our sets. Their purpose is more advanced and functional use of the product.

The “smart bed” electric mechanism, with the help of a remote control, enables the transformation of the set into a sleeping bed with a mattress.

Through simple remote instructions, the model opens and closes in a few strokes as needed by the user.

The specificity of the “Barcelona” mechanism is reflected in the rotation of the back part of the fixed set and obtaining a greater depth of seating. This model makes full use of every inch of available space for a more comfortable holiday.

Fabric or leather upholstery

Just as it is important what is inside the set, it is very important what the quality of its upholstery is and whether it suits the lifestyle and needs of the users. Suitable material – leather or fabric will ensure that in addition to beautiful appearance and comfort, the chosen model has a long lifespan despite frequent use.

SIMPO offers a large selection of different fabrics, modern designs, structures, colors and effects. These are quality fabrics from renowned manufacturers, which have passed all the necessary tests related to tensile strength, resistance to wear, peeling, tearing and slipping on the seam. The materials are permanent colors and their quality will remain unchanged for many years.

A special place in our offer has products upholstered in leather, which gives the furniture a strong stamp and character, and the interior glamour and elegance. We offer a large selection of the highest quality natural leather, different thicknesses, colors and effects. These are natural buffalo skins, which are procured from the most famous Italian leather suppliers, who are in charge of its final processing.

Quality of workmanship

Experience in making furniture for almost 60 years, combining modern technology and superior handwork by our best craftsmen, with constant monitoring of achievements and trends in production, is a unique combination that makes for decades the quality of upholstered furniture SIMPO is a few steps ahead of others .

These are just some of the reasons why SIMPO should be your choice. The best proof that this is not just a simple list of reasons are our customers. We have produced hundreds of thousands of sets to date and they have become part of homes throughout Serbia, the former Yugoslavia and Europe. Many generations have grown up with SIMPO and many future generations will create their fondest memories of SIMPO furniture.