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Furnishing a home and buying furniture should be both fun and exciting; however, for many people it represents a real challenge. With a little advance planning, you can enjoy the process of buying furniture. We have prepared some tips for you that will significantly facilitate the buying process and make you enjoy it.


The first step in shopping is to define the budget you are willing to set aside for the furniture. Then you should be well informed about the conditions of purchase because you can pay for the furniture in installments, and if you own a loyalty card, you will have an additional discount. Be sure to look for the products that are on sale because there may be a piece that is perfect for your home among them. Every month SIMPO has discounts on certain pieces of furniture, but also some special offers in the shops, which should definitely be taken advantage of.
Take all this into account and you will surely do better than you thought and also be able to buy more pieces of quality furniture than you planned.


Before you go shopping, you should carefully consider the objective possibilities and limitations of the space you want to fit out with the new furniture. If this is not done, it may happen that you choose the wrong corner at the furniture set or you may not be able to open the wardrobe door.

To prevent something like this from happening to you, follow these tips from professionals:

– Measure the room you are fitting out and draw its shape.

– Be sure to include doors, windows, radiator pipes, heaters, beams, poles, etc. in the sketch because you will best consider the space you have available that way.

– Seek the help of a salesperson and ask if the interior designer who is employed by the manufacturer can help you choose the furniture or solve any doubts you may have. If he/she is not currently available in the shop, you can schedule an appointment with him/her at some point or make a phone and e-mail consultation, which will significantly help you in your choice so that you can fit out a room or apartment in the best way and make all family members happy.

– Some pieces of furniture are packed as the structure (as a whole, i.e. they cannot be disassembled into parts), so if your space has limitations such as a narrow staircase, non-standard doors and similar, point this out to the salesperson so that he/she can indicate to you whether the furniture you have chosen can be adequately delivered.

– When buying a corner set, you have the option of choosing a corner. Make sure that the corner is chosen by standing in front of the furniture set and then see if you want the extension (corner) to be on the left or on the right side.


Once you have determined the budget and measured the space, decide what you want to spend your money on. Your “wish list” will be quite long. Compare it with the “need list”. At some point the needs and wishes will coincide. The key is to set priorities, so think carefully when making a list of priorities.

How you use your furniture is a very important factor. If you have children or pets, you need a solid construction and fabrics that are easy to clean. If you often have guests who stay the night or you sleep in the living room yourself, you need a component or corner set with a pull-out mechanism.

If you do not have many ideas which furniture would best suit your needs, and you would also like to incorporate a certain style, take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook pages and our website and find inspiration. You will surely find something that suits you and with such a picture in your head, it will be easier for you to buy the appropriate pieces of furniture.


It is very important that you learn how to evaluate quality and to choose high standard furniture for your home. That is how you will spend your budget in an adequate way and find the best price-quality ratio.

The factors that affect the price of furniture are:
– design
– materials
– method of production

The two furniture sets that seem similar at first sight and differ in price are certainly very different in the quality of the materials they are made of. Real wood or MDF; latoflex mechanism, “sofa bed” mechanism, or even electric mechanism will not have the same price because they provide different value to customers. The sets filled with HR and memory foam or those that have relax mechanisms for the head and arms will certainly be more expensive than those that do not, but they will give you an indescribable feeling of comfort. Therefore, be sure to inquire about the materials from which the furniture is made, make a comparison and choose wisely because investing in quality furniture is a good investment that will give you years of enjoying the comfort and beauty of workmanship.

Find out about the maintenance of the furniture you buy because it significantly affects its durability. Remember, even the most durable furniture will be destroyed if you do not pay attention how you use it.


Do not hesitate to try out the furniture you see in the exhibition space. It is important to check that your dining table is at the right height in relation to the chair, as well as whether you are comfortable when you sit back in a sofa or armchair with a relaxing leg mechanism. For quality sleep, it is very important whether the mattress is comfortable and whether it suits your needs. Do you know which mattress is best for you: with springs, with a wire core or made of foam? If you do not know, it is best to give it a try.

If you are planning to set up a room for a child, be sure to take the child with you. The child will best tell you what kind of bed or desk he / she likes. Allow the child to sit or lie down on the furniture, to try it out. Make his / her opinion count.

By creating a living space, you are making your own corner for rest, socializing with family and friends and a place where the most beautiful memories will be made. Let the choice and purchase of furniture be one of those precious memories that will always remain etched in your mind and that you will remember with joy.