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Sleep is one of the primary needs that affects a person’s physical and metallic health. One of the prerequisites for quality sleep is a quality mattress. In order to enjoy the benefits of your mattress for as long as possible, it is necessary to follow certain tips for its proper use and maintenance.

Cleaning the mattress prolongs its lifespan

Proper and regular cleaning of the mattress is very important for maintaining the quality and its lifespan. Include regular mattress cleaning in the routine of cleaning your home, because in that way you take care of your health and the health of all household members.

Vacuuming a mattress with an ordinary vacuum cleaner

With daily use, the mattress is exposed to dust, mites, liquid spills, etc. Therefore, from time to time, the mattress should be vacuumed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner in order to remove various impurities. Most often, various dirt remains on the edges of the mattress, which needs to be carefully vacuumed so that it does not accumulate. For vacuuming, use the accessory on the vacuum cleaner, which is intended for cleaning furniture. Under no circumstances should you use high vacuum cleaners and steam appliances to clean the mattress.

Cleaning the mattress from dirt

If you need to clean the mattress and the cover does not come off, you must not moisten the mattress directly with water or any other liquid. The mattress should be cleaned step by step, as follows:

  1. Choose an adequate mattress cleaner that should not be strong and aggressive, but mild and neutral.
  2. Apply the foam of a mild soap or mattress cleaner of your choice to the soiled area.
  3. Rub lightly with a damp cloth or sponge and then wipe the cleaned area with a dry cloth.
  4. Drying the mattress – let the mattress dry naturally and avoid the presence of any heat source or sunlight. The mattress you cleaned should be dried in an airy and ventilated place.

Proper use is key to maintaining the quality of the mattress

Even the highest quality mattress will not retain its properties if not used properly. Let the following tips for using a mattress always be a guide during its use of the manipulation.

Always choose a bed with a perforated base

Perforated bed base is an important prerequisite for the proper use of mattresses. With a perforated base, the air can circulate freely around the mattress, which keeps it well ventilated.

Beds with perforated base should be properly installed, because improper installation of the bed and base can lead to damage to the mattress.

Carefully transport and install the mattress

When transporting and placing on the bed, the mattress should not be folded and twisted when turning. Mattress handles are used for positioning, not for carrying the mattress.

Although jumping on a mattress can be fun, especially for children, keep in mind that this destroys your mattress and can deform it. Therefore, jumping on the mattress is strictly forbidden.

Ventilate the mattress and the room in which it is located regularly

Frequent ventilation of the bedroom and mattress, without bedding or any other protection, will prevent the accumulation of moisture due to sweating, unpleasant odors, dirt and more. From time to time, raise the mattress, lean it against a wall or other solid surface and leave it well ventilated with the windows wide open.

Turn the mattress once a month

In order to load the upper and lower parts equally, turn the mattress once a month in the direction of the headboard – footboard and face – back. In this way, you will contribute to the even use of the mattress and avoid unnecessary creation of protrusions or dents on the mattress.

If your choice is mattresses that have a summer and winter side, such as the Admiral, Viola and Grand mattresses from our range, the change of seasons is the right time to turn the mattress.

Protect your favorite mattress

Be sure to protect the mattress with bedding, a blanket or a waterproof cover. Also, regular change of bedding and other accessories for covering is very important. In that way, not only is proper hygiene taken care of, but also conditions are created for the mattress to keep all its benefits for as long as possible.