Leather is a natural material that requires special treatment and careful use. In order for leather furniture to retain its original appearance and look equally good over the years, they need proper cleaning, maintenance and care.

Proper cleaning of leather furniture

You will enjoy the beauty and benefits of your favorite leather furniture – corner sofas, three seaters, two seaters, armchairs, dining chairs and upholstered beds, if you invest a little time and effort and follow simple tips for cleaning it.

Regular cleaning of leather furniture with a dry, cotton cloth

As the most efficient and simplest way for regular maintenance of leather furniture, it is advisable to use dry, clean, soft and white cotton fabric, which should be used to wipe leather furniture. Microfiber cloths and various skin protection creams must not be used.

Avoid water to clean leather furniture

Leather is a natural material very sensitive to dirt, so care should be taken not to get it. Particular care should be taken to avoid the appearance of greasy stains, because they are very difficult to remove or it is completely impossible to remove them.

The basic rule is that water should be used the least to clean leather furniture, because it destroys the surface and speeds up the process of cracking the skin. Water must never penetrate the inner part of any skin.

In case you spill something on leather furniture or smear it with something, you must wipe it immediately. To remove the upper contents of stains, stains and dirt, use only clean, soft, white cotton cloth, slightly moistened with cold water. Wipe with gentle circular motions towards the center of the stain, on a surface slightly larger than the soiled one, and leave it to dry naturally, without the use of a hair dryer or other heat sources.

If it is a matter of heavily soiled parts of leather furniture, you must be especially careful not to damage the surface layer of the skin with rough movements or an inadequate cloth.

If the skin is damaged, it is impossible to repair. Any damage to this material is visible and any repair is just a cover-up.

Cleaning with chemicals is not allowed

Cleaning leather furniture with chemicals is strictly forbidden. Chemicals can change the color of the skin, cause blemishes, lead to cracking and accelerated damage.

Proper maintenance of leather furniture

Through a few practical tips, we suggest that you pay special attention to the proper maintenance of leather furniture.

Save leather furniture from uneven sagging

Your favorite place on leather furniture will first show traces of frequent use. Even with sets of the highest quality fillings, over the years, due to the constant pressure of the body, seat cushions and backrests are slowly changing shape. In order to avoid uneven bending, it is necessary to pay attention that all seats are used equally so that your favorite corner would not differ from other parts.

Also, make sure that both armrests are used equally, so that they look the same over the years.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources

Preventive measures are of great importance for the proper use and maintenance of leather furniture. It is necessary to avoid exposing leather furniture to direct sunlight, in order to avoid cracking and drying of the skin. It is also necessary to place your leather furniture at least two meters away from the heat source in your home.

Among other things, the temperature and humidity of the air above average, as well as the direct effect of air conditioning will also negatively affect the appearance and quality of your leather furniture.

Use blankets as protection and additional decoration

Bedspreads are a practical way to preserve your leather furniture. Not only will it provide protection from dirt, stains, wear and other damage, but you will also decorate your interior with interesting accessories.